Seine Avenue


Quai de la Photo offers visitors the chance to board small cruising boats, equipped with hybrid or 100% electric engines. Enjoy the privileged experience of peaceful, silent navigation, close to the water and respectful of the environment.

Seine Avenue


11-metre flagship built in Sweden in 1935 to designs by the famousnaval architect Carl Gustav Pettersson. 8 passengers .

The natural elegance and finesse of this boat combine perfectly with the modernity of all-electric motorization. It offers passengers an exceptional experience of comfort and fulfillment.


6.50-meter Alpine lake runabout, built in Zurich in 1966 in partnership with an automobile coachbuilder. Passengers: 4.

Completely opento its surroundings, this boat combines style and panache. It features a powerful internal combustion engine, whose purr alternates with the silence of propulsion.

Seine Avenue

Seine Avenue


Kaïros is the ideal boat for up to 12 passengersfor a family outing or a drink with friends. It's one of the best examples of the boats the Dutch have developed for navigating the countless canals that criss-cross the Netherlands. The tenders Dutch tenders are all about comfort and discretion. Cruising aboard Kaïros is like curling up in a comfortable lounge on the water.


100% electric catamaran. 12 passengers. This boat offers a vast covered deck, a panoramic bench at the bow and an aft platform, an incredible balcony overlooking Paris.


The crews are made up of experienced captains and deckhands, for safe escapades on the river.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they combine their experience and knowledge of the Seine and Paris, to accompany passengers and make each cruise a unique experience.

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